I was asked by a fashion student to Photograph their collection, the images they wanted were look book style (white backdrop, no pose) but i then i took my take on the garments and added some fun to the shoot.


Everything you could ever wish for in one city! Sun, sea, great food, art, shopping and plenty of areas to explore. I was treated to 3 days in Barcelona for my 21st birthday present; accompanied by my mum and dad. We had a great 3 days and managed to see most of the tourist attractions, the Gualdi park has to be my favourite memory….and the pina colada cocktails.


I recently visited Buckshore Village for my project as i was told it looked like a toy town, while i was there i was able to look inside the show homes which too had a doll house feel. The lack of people around made the town seem very surreal and strange.

A few phone pictures of exhibitions and a bit of fun!

Love to make a card!

Still exploring the way in which we inhabit our spaces and develop them according to social norm. I have been looking found different areas of cities and towns and estates. There is a clear in which we are divided by class due to the way we put on a facade for the outside of our homes.

35mm film

So it was Grampas 80th birthday and we had a massive surprise party at a hall in warwick. The hall was decorated beautifuly with flowers and balloons. ¬†Throughout the day there was lots of activities going on. Crafts table for children which i really enjoyed, a quiz all based around gramps life, a family band made up of all 5 brothers and the caters put on a great spread! There was around 70 people there all family and friends, many of whom I hadn’t met before.

While exploring different areas to photograph for my uni project i came across this estate. Interested in the way its all formulated and similar in the way people chose to decorate their exteriors


Looking for patterns and shapes in urban settlements for my photography project